Hello all!!  Welcome to my blog.  First, I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am a southern girl at heart, being born and raised in Nashville,TN.  

 At the age of 4 years old, I had made my career decision.  I was inspired by one of the kindest, most honorable men I know (next to my father)  His name was Dr. Leonard Koenig.  He was my pediatrician.  I knew that whenever I was not feeling well, my parents would take me to see him and somehow he would make me feel better. I said to myself at that point (in child-like innocence), that I wanted to make people feel better too, so I decided to become a physician.

I was successful in accomplishing that goal, thanks to God ,my parents, classmates (who are now my “colleagues”)   and numerous other individuals who helped me along that journey.  

I have been involved in the practice of Emergency Medicine for over 20 years.  After the years of training… learning not only the lessons I had to learn to reach my goal, but the lessons of life itself (being the mother of 4… ages from 22 to 11 will teach you a great deal as well!),  I realize that I cannot reach as many people that I would like to from my one little piece of earth.  My life-long desire has been just to be of some help.  I have now turned my focus to the world of the internet in an effort to reach more people. 

I hope you visit my blog frequently and pick up on some heath-related tips and topics, as well as information on products that may be of some benefit.  

I hope also to reach fellow internet entrepreneurs with information on marketing systems that I have found to be of significant value.

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